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I came across an interesting article.  If you click on the link below you can read a rebuttal from Dr Robert Sears to a scathing critique of his book, The Vaccine Book, by Dr Paul Offit.  This article was just published a week ago.  (If neither you nor anyone in your family,  are not interested in vaccine schedules skip to the last paragraph in this email.  You should not miss the information there about vitamin D.)


Dr Sears wrote The Vaccine Book to give parents an optional vaccine schedule for vaccinating their children.  He believes the American Academy of Pediatrics Vaccine schedule but he also believes that so many parents are skeptical of vaccines that parents should be told to vaccinate their children even if they do it at a slower pace.  He sees value in parents argument of not giving so many vaccines at the same time in such a young infant and or stretching out the pace with which a child receives the vaccinations.


Apparently Dr Paul Offit, a recognized vaccine “expert,” takes issue with anyone even considering the possibility of lengthening out the schedule or not giving so many vaccines at the same time.  So, he attacks Dr Sears book with a vengeance.  In case you come across Dr Offit’s scathing attack on Dr Sears I thought you ought to become informed as to the issues.  The article you can read at the link below is by Dr Sears defending his book.


I like the tone of Dr Sears book.  I think he is realistic in his thinking that many parents are distrustful in the general vaccination philosophy in the country.  He is not anti-vaccine as Dr Offit seems to think.  He simply wants to offer an alternative schedule for vaccinating children.


My feelings are that Dr Offit has a vested interest in pushing vaccinations.  I would even call it a conflict of interest.  He made his name in vaccinations.  He makes his money in vaccinations.  Of course he is going to attack any book that intelligently recommends that parents consider alternatives.  I don’t believe he is objective and you will not be educated very well to listen to his arguments.  He feels that you should just fall lockstep in line with the rest of the lemming who put their total faith and trust in the medical profession and the general vaccination schedule.


I definitely believe that you should consider the alternative schedule that Dr Sears recommends or even lengthening it out more.  I have read a lot of scary articles about vaccinations.  Most of these articles say that the best thing a parent can do who wants to vaccinate their children without putting them at risk of injury or death from the vaccination itself is postpone the time the child gets the vaccines and not get so many at once.  Let the child get a little older.  These articles say that getting so many vaccines at the same time and at such a young age is too great for a six month old infant’s immature immune system and general ability to withstand the assault on their system.  


Both of these doctors believe this statement:  “the good of the many outweighs the good of the few.”  They believe that for the good of the overall health of the country all children should be vaccinated.  If some children succumb to the side effects of vaccinations that is the risk we have to take to get most children protected.  I would not put my complete trust in someone who feels that it is OK to sacrifice the life or health of my infant son or daughter.  Yet that is the feeling of both Dr Sears and Dr Offit.  To a Dr Offit, and even a Dr Sears, sacrificing a few babies is OK.  To your baby it is their entire life.  To you, the parent, it will impact your entire life.  So, to say “the good of the many outweighs the good of the few” is not faith inspiring in my mind.  Just be aware that this is the feeling of most medical doctors, especially your own pediatrician, when it comes to vaccinations.  They may seem to be concerned about the health of your son or daughter until you try to tell them you want to go slower with the vaccines.  Then they flip over into mode of  “the good of the many outweighs the good of the few.”  This is specifically “anti your son or your daughter.”  If you try to buck the standard protocol they will probably oppose you.   Maybe vigorously oppose you.  You just need to be stronger than they are in your position if you want to lengthen out the schedule, i.e. let your son or daughter get a little older before you assault their system with multiple vaccines.  One article I read said that if parents waited until the child was two years old before vaccines were given it would make a big difference in the number who develop the life or health threatening side effects.  If you proposed this your doctor would fain shock and tell you that you are putting your child at risk.  I feel that you are putting your child more at risk by following the standard vaccine schedule.


I also feel strongly that you should not have your child get the flu vaccine, ever.  And you should not get the vaccine either.  It is way too toxic for an infant.  It was developed for adults.  Now they want everyone to take it.  This used to only be recommended for people over 50 because it is mainly the elderly who die of the flu.  However, over the past five years the medical so called “experts” are now recommending that everyone, even infants, receive the vaccine.  This is not out of their concern for the health of the infants.  They have come to the realization that children are the most likely to get the flu and then give it to the elderly.  So, again they want to sacrifice a few children, if necessary, for the benefit of the elderly,  “the good of the many outweighs the good of the few.”  How does that make you feel?   I don’t like the sounds of this philosophy any more now than I did before even though it is supposed to benefit me.  I have recently read that it would be much more beneficial for you to give your child (and yourself)  vitamin D than to give them a flu vaccine.  The flu is a seasonal disease.  We mainly get it in the winter, “the flu season.”  They are now realizing that we get it when our vitamin D level is way down because we are in doors and not receiving the massive vitamin D doses we get from exposure to the sun.   I am going to give you a link to the article about vitamin D.  Read this article first.  Then read the article about vaccines and the argument between Dr Sears and Dr Offit.  I feel that the information about vitamin D is much more important.  And, this article about the huge benefits of increased intake of vitamin D is only the tip of the iceberg of information that is now coming out about vitamin D. 


Here is the article entitled, Avoid Flu Shots, Take Vitamin D Instead by Dr. Donald Miller.



Here is the article by Dr Sears defending his book about alternative vaccine schedules.