Every human being on the planet needs to read the article linked below.  I agree with every word.  I wish I had written it.  If I had written it and I would have thought carefully about what I was writing I would have said everything it says.

It has been mind boggling to me how a country and a society that claims to believe in life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness for everyone;  that human life is sacred; that every individual is important; can somehow twist and strain logic to believe that it is OK to kill millions of unborn children in the name of “choice.”  Rational adults who seem perfectly normal otherwise, argue passionately that we should be able to mercilessly dismember, destroy the brain of, or otherwise brutally murder the most helpless of human beings.  They have so numbed their conscience that they passionately believe, and argue, and yell, and even scream, that it should be an adult’s right, or even an adolescent’s right, to “choose” to kill an unborn baby, as though an unborn baby is not a human being but is simply some excess tissue, trash that should be thrown away.

As a people we put people in jail and charge them with a crime for mercilessly torturing and killing a dog and think we are so humane, yet we argue before courts of law, and loudly proclaim before thousands of cheering people at political pep rallies, and carry placards and demonstrate, and vote for serious politicians all the way up to the President of the United States under the belief that it is our right to kill unborn babies with no more reason than we want to.  It is our choice.

We look at the barbaric practices of the Aztecs or Mayas or Incas, whoever it was, that performed human sacrifice to placate the “Gods” and we say, “how could they have conceived the thought that human sacrifice was somehow OK?”  We ask ourselves, “how could they believe that brutally stabbing and cutting the beating heart out of fair young women was not evil beyond description?  How could they think that throwing young children and babies into scalding volcanoes or stabbing them in the heart and watching them writhe in agony and then spread their blood over the alter was somehow a “God” approved activity?”  We shake our heads in unbelief.

Well, folks, how can we sane, rational, human beings, living in the United States of America, in 2010, believe that it is OK to kill unborn babies simply because it is the desire of a pregnant woman to do so?

The article linked below explains that abortion is not now and never has been about “choice” or the right to control one’s body.  It is about convenience.  Abortion is about pure and simple convenience and comfort and avoiding difficulty and responsibility.  And to think that we kill millions of babies every year in this enlightened country for this.  The Aztecs have nothing over us when it comes to callous disregard for human life.

The healthcare bill that was just signed into law by the most vocal and vociferous supporters of abortion has as a major goal the elimination of “choice” from every man, woman and child in the country in every health care decision, not just abortion.  The emperor has no clothes.  They, the Democrats, have been exposed.  Their supposed care and concern for the right of “choice” has just been revealed as a baseless cynical scam.  In abortion the issue is convenience.  In health care it is control.

The Senate Finance Committee Chairman, Max Baucus, Democrat from Montana, who played a big role in writing the health care bill, just recently explained that a main goal of the health care bill has nothing to do with health care.  A main goal of the health care bill is to correct “the maldistribution of income”  (Those are his words, not mine).   Oh really?  We didn’t hear this before the bill was passed.  The bill is not about choice, or reducing health care costs, or expanding availability.  It is about controlling people to redistribute income.  The politicians who voted for this bill are not interested in freedom of choice in this or any other issue.  Certainly not abortion.

Oh yes.  I believe in cases of rape or incest an abortion may be performed.  A woman should not be required to carry a child that she had no part in the decision to conceive.  And, I believe that if a mother’s life is in danger an abortion should be performed.  I have always believed that.  A woman should not be required to sacrifice her life for the child.  If she sacrifices her life accidentally it is a tragedy.  But, likewise the child should not be required to sacrifice his/her life for the convenience of the woman, or the man.

The “Pro-Choice” Fraud Exposed