Why We Need Rich People

by Gary DeMar “I remember I was very sad for many days when I discovered that in the world there were poor people and rich people; and the strange thing is that the existence of the poor didn’t cause me as much pain as the knowledge that at the same time there were people who [...]

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Red Alert: Major Meltdown Imminent – Your Escape

The link below will take you to the current "Money and Markets" newsletter by Martin Weiss.  He is an investment advisor that I have been aware of for many years.  I think he is a good and wise investment advisor.  This newsletter was published yesterday February 23, 2009.  It is entitled "Red Alert: Major Meltdown [...]

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Bank Nationalization Might Provide Confidence

Here is a novel idea.  The U.S. government should nationalize the big banks in the United States like Citibank and Bank of America.  Supposedly this would provide confidence to the American consumer and the rest of the world.  Is this a trial balloon by Katie Couric and her network to see how people react?  Why [...]

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Dollar Cost Averaging

Someone asked the question: What will the stock market do this year?  The answer:  It will fluctuate.    When the stock market is low or going down it is good to keep “Dollar Cost Averaging” in mind.  The concept of "Dollar Cost Averaging" is that you keep investing the same amount every month (e.g. $100) [...]

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Gerald Celente Forecasts the Worst Economic Collapse Ever

Those of you who have a strong stomach for seriously bad predictions about the economy and the United States should click on the link below.  This link takes you to an interview with Gerald Celente the CEO of Trends Research Institute and the publisher of The Trends Journal.  He is predicting the worst economic collapse [...]

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