The Presidential Election

/The Presidential Election

The Rights and Freedoms You Enjoy Must Pass Through the Mind and Heart of Barack Obama. Do You Trust His Instincts?

Like it or not the rights and freedoms you enjoy must pass through the mind and heart of Barack Obama.  If he chooses to modify your rights and freedoms he may do so.  Do you trust how Barack will handle your rights and freedoms?   Do you trust his instincts for recognizing and sensitively respecting your [...]

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The New President’s Foreign Policy – The Debate

Linked below are all four installments of a four-part report from Stratfor founder and Chief Intelligence Officer, George Friedman, on the United States Presidential Debate on Foreign Policy held September 26, 2008. On Friday night, every government intelligence agency in the world was glued to television sets watching the US Presidential Debate on foreign policy. [...]

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