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Is groundwork for ‘global governance’ being laid?

 Chad Groening - OneNewsNow - 2/3/2009 6:00:00 AM   A United Nations watchdog is concerned about the agenda of the recent World Economic Forum held in Davos, Switzerland. According to Cliff Kincaid, president of America's Survival, recently confirmed U.S. Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner is being urged to lay the foundation for "global governance" by considering "international [...]

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Ogden Gnashing

Share with Friends | February 3, 2009 Ogden Gnashing President Obama is on his 15th day in office and his fourth nomination controversy. While the nation is distracted by a trio of tax scandals, other high-profile candidates are squeaking by unnoticed. One nominee at the Justice Department, David Ogden, nominee for Deputy Attorney General, stands [...]

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Say “No” to the bogus stimulus!

From the Desk of: Steve Elliott, President, Alliance     + + Sign the petition saying "No" to the bogus stimulus   and Obama's socialistic agenda. -- Steve   Mark,   If you are as outraged as I am by the Obama-led rush to force the so-called stimulus bill through Congress, then please take [...]

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U.S. economy predicted to collapse under socialism

  The link below takes you to an interesting article entitled, "U.S. economy predicted to collapse under socialism."  The article stimulated me to think about what has been happening over the past year and a half.  Socialism is defined as government ownership or control of the means of production and distribution.  Basically it is government [...]

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The Economic crisis explain like we’ve not seen before….

          This video clearly shows that George Bush tried to warn Congress starting in 2001, that this economic crisis was coming, if something was not done.  But congress refused to listen, along with the arrogant, Congressman Barney Frank.  This video says it all. The liberal media reportedly did not want this video on You Tube; it was taken [...]

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